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Our Process

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Step 01

Apply Online

To start the mortgage loan application process, you’ll want to get pre-qualified. You’ll submit a streamlined application through our secure portal, giving us your name, address, basic employment history, etc.

Our loan officers will then review your application and check your credit, ensuring you are a solid candidate for a loan. We’ll then let you know how much of a loan you pre-qualify for, and we’ll send you a pre-qualification letter to show sellers. This step typically just takes a few hours.

Step 02

Get Approved

After you submit your documents, Davidson Homes Mortgage compiles your information and reviews it before sending it to the underwriter for final approval.

This means we need documentation on both you and the proposed home, including the purchase agreement, bank statements, paychecks, a property appraisal and more.

Once we review your information, we send the underwriter everything for final approval. The underwriter confirms that your application is accurate and that you indeed qualify for the mortgage you wish to secure.

Step 03

Move In

Once the underwriter confirms that your application and documentation are sufficient, they will declare your application “clear to close.” Basically, you now have a mortgage loan. The only step left? Closing on your new home.

We will send all documentation to the designated title company for both you and the seller to review and sign. Once signed, the seller will receive their payment, and you’ll officially own your new home. Congratulations!

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